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What do you see when you google your brand or yourself? Are there more negatives than positives? Online Reputation Management can help you.

Whether you want it or not, everyone has an online reputation. The only measure you can take is making your reputation look good. 

Online reputation management (ORM) takes control of what people see when they search for you online and makes sure they find the right materials on the net. 

How does this help? 

It clears all misleading trends/news and gives you a chance to put your best foot forward without disrupting your everyday life, job, or business. 

Types of online reputation


This happens when you ignore your online reputation and increase the risk of being vulnerable to misinformation and rumors. It is a necessity to have enough positive information online in case a mishap takes place. 


It is essential to take good care of your online reputation from the start, and create positive, quality materials that reflect well on you and your brand. 

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Why should you care about your online reputation?

When people need information, where do they go? 

The Internet 

the general population views the internet as their primary source of information. Still, when different pages repeatedly focus on a topic, people tend to trust what it tells them and, they make decisions based on what they find online.

Below are some statistics to support our theory – 

  • Two-thirds of internet users see it as the most reliable source of information about a person or a business (Edelman)
  • Candidates have been rejected by hiring managers because of something they found online (Cross-Tab)
  •  97% of people read online reviews before dealing with a local business (BIA Kelsey)

How are online and offline are in sync?

You might feel no one is searching for you online, but common search reasons include:

  • Employers doing pre-interview research
  • Landlords looking into prospective renters
  • Children who seek details of their parents’ lives.
  • Curious significant others
  • Former colleagues looking to share opportunities
  • College admissions departments evaluating students
  • Insurance companies doing risk assessments on potential buyers

No matter how “Less you use the internet” or “avoid social media,” there is enough information about you online—and people see it.

Your online reputation is forever how can you manage it?

Something negative written about you can put you at a severe disadvantage, especially if you’re not aware of it because, as mentioned above, people more often than not, do a background check for various reasons. 

It’s essential to keep tabs on what people are saying about you and also need to monitor things that you post about yourself online. The internet never forgets, even posts from decades earlier can come back to harm you. The following examples are various examples of the same: 

  • James Gunn: Had to let go as the director of the Guardians Of The Galaxy movies after offensive jokes tweeted years ago came out to the public
  • Harvard Admissions: 10 college students lost their acceptance to Harvard because of their offensive social media posts in 2017
  • NASA Internship: After a high-ranking NASA official saw her using profanity on a #NASA-tagged tweet, a Twitter user had her internship revoked.

Online Reputation Case Study: United Airlines Flight 2017

United Airlines is still trying to find stability online after all the negativity on social media after a video of United Airlines security personnel violently dragged a passenger off of an overbooked flight went viral in 2017. It generated millions of mentions a day on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and ignited national outrage and caused United’s stock to lose more than $1 billion in market value quickly. While the shares have since recovered, the company’s reputation remains tarnished even now. 

Why do we need online reputation management?

Online reputation is not only a technology problem; its a human problem.

Google’s algorithms give us what we ask of it. So if we ask for gossip, conspiracy stories, and negative reviews, that’s what gets associated with search terms.

Online reputation management prioritizes balance

It’s probably going to get more critical to manage our online reputations as search engines, and other online algorithms become a more significant part of everything we do.

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