Best Social Media Advertising Platforms

What is social media marketing? 

If you look around you will realize (if you haven’t already) that the present generation is immersed in their smartphones. Communication has gone ‘digital’; consumers and businesses alike are available online. So which social media advertising platform is the most effective and engaging way to reach the right audience?

Leading platforms available for social media advertising are:-

  1. Facebook: Other than being one of the largest networking sites, brands can connect with their target audience by advertising to them based on likes, interests, etc. Facebook Ads create wonders for brand awareness, website traffic, and eCommerce campaigns.
  2. Instagram: Since it’s integration with Facebook, Instagram’s ads targeting has become even better. Brands can appeal to the younger generation with engaging videos and posts. 
  3. Twitter: Known for relevant news updates by both text or videos and the famous “tweet” and “retweet” brands can create a good brand awareness campaign on this platform.
  4. Snapchat: The ideal platform to connect with younger customers. Live and augmented reality videos and images using various filters can be effectively used to draw attention to your business. Snap ads and geo-filters have changed the way social media connects brands to their target audience. 
  5. LinkedIn: Blogs, pictures, and videos on this platform can ignite interest within the corporate world. Get interested officials to connect with you and your business via imails and other campaign types.
  6. YouTube: This is one of the most used social media platforms today and brands are not ignoring this platform. Get noticed with unique skippable, non-skippable ads and banners. 

The above are the most common and effective platforms, however, there are several other prominent and effective platforms besides these to choose from eg Pinterest, tictok

When you’re a new or struggling business, with immense competition, marketing can be overwhelming and expensive. This is where we, a digital marketing agency come into action. We can help formulate ideal strategies and campaigns, those with time can go a long way in increasing visibility of your product and services on carefully chosen platforms with the ultimate aim to attract targeted customers and increase sales. 

The term “strategy” might sound intimidating, however, simply put it is an action plan to achieve a desired goal or goals. The underlying goal of social media advertising campaigns is to increase traffic to your website and eventually convert these visits to sales.

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’! 

Contact us via mail at or call +971 52 9940 577 for a campaign best suited for your business and let your product make a mark on people’s minds. 

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