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Our Social Media Services

We assist clients from various industries by creating and managing top-performing optimized social media marketing campaigns. Are you an SME or a large company? At Social Trends ME, we have marketing solutions for every type of establishment. Remember, Social Media Marketing does not have to be uber expensive. We understand our clients’ exact target audience so our campaign aims at getting the right clicks, leads and engagements.

Facebook Ads & Mgmt.

Reach billions of targeted users who interact with businesses through Facebook advertisements. We create simple, elegant, and focused ads and reach your desired clientele.

Instagram Ads & Mgmt.

Showcase your products/ services to an audience likely to be interested in your brand. Instagram, being a picture based platform, requires creative ad copies that increase interaction.

Snapchat Ads & Mgmt.

The perfect platform to reach Millenials. Snapchat advertising instantly catches their attention and helps achieve your goals with interactive options such as lenses, filters, and ads.

Twitter Ads & Mgmt.

Create brand awareness, gain followers, and generate leads through promoted images and videos via Twitter Ads. Reach your audience and generate interest.

LinkedIn Ads & Mgmt.

With approx. 610 million professionals, Linkedin is your gateway to the corporate world. Create Ads, InMails, Job Postings, and show them to a targeted audience.

YouTube Ads & Mgmt.

Accessed by millions of users every day, targeted YouTube Video advertising gives you a chance to express your brand's story, various services and product usages via short videos.

Tik Tok Ads & Mgmt.

Reach the younger generation all over the globe on one of the latest and fastest growing social media platforms. Like other platforms TikTok Ads also have some unique CTA's.

Geo Fencing Push

Need to target customers in a specific geographic area? Geo Fencing ads reach the right audience by sending push notifications to their devices once they enter the location.

Profile Management

Running unique ads alone is not enough. Creating and maintaining a strong social media profile is essential to generating customer loyalty and brand story.

Step 1

Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit involves evaluation and optimization of the brand’s social media profiles and strategies. Regular audits will help the brand lead online. Social Trends ME is a Social Media Marketing Agency in Dubai that has expert SMO Professionals who ensure the highest level of online presence for your brand.

Step 2

Target Audience

Every brand needs to identify their target audience and the ‘know how’ to keep them engaged. Frequent engaging content and the right CTA increases traffic to the website, eventually leading to sales. Social Trends ME has worked with 15+ industries, and can efficiently assist you.

Step 3

Management & Advertising

Brands must realize that only about 5% of their followers are likely to see their organic (unpaid) posts. Hence, it is crucial to run sponsored ads to reach a broader, targeted audience. Paid ads help reach your followers, people interested in your products/ services, friends of friends, website visitors, and your database.

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