Google Ads

Used by 1m+ brands, use Google Ads to GROW your business today!

Show your ads to users who are actively looking for your products and services. We assist clients from various industries by creating and managing top-performing optimized Google Ads campaigns. Are you an SME or a large company? At Social Trends ME, we have marketing solutions for every type of establishment. Remember, Google Ads aren’t super expensive for most industries. We understand our clients’ exact target audience to get the right clicks, leads, or engagements as per the campaign requirement. 

Google Search

Advertise on Google and reac customers who are actively seeking your services. We highlight your USP and target viable customers. It’s not only about advertising, but also using the right keywords.

Google Display Ads

Seen ads that follow you online? Customers that have shown interest in your brand will be reminded of your products and services using display ads. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ will be the thing of the past.

Google Shopping Ads

Own an E-commerce brand? Advertise a product (Product Shopping Ads) or a range of products by sharing necessary details. A picture is worth a thousand words, and these ads will certainly get you a lot of clicks.

YouTube Video Ads

Create compelling video campaigns and engage 1 million+ potential customers on YouTube. Convert your viewers into customers by getting website clicks and leads by building brand awareness.

App Download Ads

This ad redirects users to install an app from Google Play Store or iOS Store to ensure easy installation. Original content from the app is used for advertising so customers can get a feel of how the app works.

Call To Action Ads

Google call extensions let you display your business's phone number directly in the search results. The clickable 'Call' or 'Text' button is displayed in line with the ad, making it convenient and engaging.

Step 1

Landing Page Audit

Businesses need to up their game by updating and reviewing their landing pages. It is especially essential in case you’re running paid ads. Driving traffic to a landing page that won’t convert leads to huge budget wastage. However, with a simple landing page audit, it’s easy to identify areas of improvement.

Step 2

Keyword Research & Costing

The keywords you select are used to display your ads to users and also to showcase your ad to sites in the Google Network. It is necessary to understand which keywords you competitors rank for on Google Ads and your audience’s search pattern for optimum results.

Step 3

Google Ad Creation

We create unique ads that ensure the desired CTA’s and ensure your budget is well spent. We show your ads only to people looking for your products and services. 

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